Everyone Loves an Underdog: Learning From Linsanity

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“Everyone Loves an Underdog: Learning From Linsanity.” In Asian American Sporting Cultures. Edited by S. Thangaraj, C. Armaldo Jr., and C. Chin. New York: NYU Press. 2016. Book chapter, refereed.

Legions of Boom: Filipino American Mobile DJ Crews of the San Francisco Bay Area

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Legions of Boom: Mobility, Identity and Filipino American Disc Jockeys in the San Francisco Bay Area. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. 2015.
Monograph, refereed.

(Visit my dedicated website for the book)

The Comfort Zone: Shaping the Retro-Soul Audience

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(2012). “The Comfort Zone: Shaping the Retro-Soul Audience.” In E. Weisbard (Ed.), Pop When the World Falls Apart (pp. 201-229). Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

Anthology essay (solicited, refereed).

Between the Notes…

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Between the Notes: Finding Asian America in Popular Music.” American Music, 19(4), Winter 2001.

Journal article (solicited, refereed).

Examines how trends in Asian American popular music-making reflects changes, tensions and aspirations within the Asian American community from the 1970s until present.

Background: This essay, my first published piece of academic work, represented a culmination of nearly 10 years spent researching the politics of identity amongst Asian American musicians. As an undergraduate and graduate student – as well as arts journalist – I had interviewed many Asian Americans involved in jazz, folk and hip-hop and used this essay as an opportunity to lay out ideas about how those musicians perceived the role of race and identity within their work. Asian American music is still largely understudied and theorized in my opinion (the excellent work of my mentor Deborah Wong excepted) and especially with the seeming explosion of musical interest in a younger generation of Asian Americans during the ’00s, there’s many new ideas to bring into that conversation.